Alternative Treatments for Conditions or Diseases

Can carrots completely remove eczema

It can help some people who don’t have very severe eczema, but it’s not a permanent solution. To “completely remove” and prevent from reoccurring, you’d have to change your diet to include carrots or find out whatever is causing the skin irritation. Personally, I have eczema and carrots don’t have a huge impact on it. Finding the cause of the …

Which muscle would you stretch to releive a runner who is complaining of a hamstring spasm

Stretch NOTHING! The common misconception is that stretching relieves muscle spasms, wrong! It does just the opposite. What you should do instead is MET. muscle energy technique. If the quads contract, they will automatically release the hamstrings because of their antagonistic relationship. Muscle spindles and golgi tendons are the yin and yang of release and relaxation.