Alternative Treatments for Conditions or Diseases

What is Reiki

Spiritual healing – Reiki practitioners believe it is a universal life energy which enters the body through the 7th chakra after which it flows through the rest of the body. It is distributed from one person to another through the hands of a reiki practitioner by holding the hands on or above the part of the body that requires healing, …

Alternative Treatments for Conditions or Diseases

How do homeopaths repertorize

All general and particular symptoms of a patient are noted . Remedies are noted for all symptoms froma Repertory . Most famous repertories are by Kentand Kner etc. Medicines which are found to be in maximum symptoms are checked for totality by comparing with Materia Medica . Usually a Polycrest is a result of repertorization .

Does not eating wheat and dairy help arthritis

Most dairy product are at the lower end of the scale for purine so they can be eaten safely Any product made with bakers yeast should be restricted in its use as the yeast is very high in purines. however wheat itself is way down at the lower end of the purine table and most wheat products depending on what …

Is the pain under your knee cap when you climb the stairs really housewife’s knee and not arthritis if you’ve had it for several years

It all depends on age. I have had Chondromalacia patallae for about 3 years now and have had serious problems with it. I have spoken to my surgeon many times about it and he still believes that i am young enough that i will grow out of it. It is most likely Condromalacia and not arthritis if you have been …