Can everyone be hypnotized

No, whether or not you can be hypnotized depends on your strong will. If you resist hypnosis, you probably can fight it off. Also, it is unlikely to impossible to be hypnotized if you are confident and trust yourself. Extremely defiant people should be able to fight it off, too. But if and only if you submit can you be …

How does a hypnotist hypnotize a person just using words

NOTE : Hypnotism should not be attempted without adequate training. The general principle of hypnosis requires that the subject be placed in a mental state that is conducive to suggestion. This is known colloquially as a “trance” and has many possible levels (depths) depending on the reason for the hypnosis. Skilled therapists do not require any special gimmicks or equipment, …

Who is the founder of Hypnosis

Franz Mesmer started the idea that there is a state similar to sleep that people can experience in more controlled settings. Mesmerism was named after him, and psychologists like James Braid and Freud expanded on his ideas with some more closer to legitimate scientific evidence to develop his ideas into hypnosis.