Vitamins and Supplements

What happens if you do not get enough Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is used to make neurotransmitters (such as serotonin) and myelin, which insulates the axons of neurons. In adults, deficiency can cause depression, confusion, seizures, inflamed skin, inflamed mucous membranes (lips, gums, etc.), and anemia. However, these symptoms only appear when the deficiency has persisted for a long period of time.

How long before glucosamine takes effect

Glucosamine has been shown to be no better than placebo in numerous studies now. However, despite this fact, many people perceive benefit, in terms of decreased joint pain, when taking glucosamine (and/or chondroitin sulfate). Most clinicians ascribe this response to the placebo effect. In any case, the response is quite variable, with approximately one third of people reporting some response, …