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Energy Transfer in Ecosystems

Question Answer
What are green plants, which make their own food? producers
What are animals, which cannot make their own food? consumers
What are animals that eat only plants? herbivores
What is an environment that meets the needs of an organism? habitat
What is the movement of food energy in a series of organisms? food chain
What are living things that feed on the wastes and remains of plants and animals? decomposers
What are consumers that eat prey? predators
What are animals that eat only meat? carnivores
What is an environment that meets the needs of an organism? habitat
From where does a first-level consumer get most of its energy? producers
Which organism is NOT an omnivore? hyena, lion, bear, human lion
Where do green plants get most of the energy they need to make their own food? sunlight
What is the term for the role that each living thing has in its habitat? niche
Which animal is a carnivore? rabbit, mouse, cow, lion lion
What is the term for food chains that overlap? food web
What is FALSE about producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores?
carnivores eat only other animals
omnivores eat both plants and other animals
herbivores eat only plants, or producers
producers eat consumers
producers eat consumers
How would you compare the diet of a carnivore to the diet of a herbivores? herbivores eat only plants and carnivores eat only animals
You see a mushroom growing on a stump. What can you infer about the role of the mushroom? it is a decomposer and is feeding on the stump
There is grass, a vole, and an owl. Which organism is a producer and which is a first level consumer? grain is the producer and a vole is the first level consumer
How are carnivores dependent on green plants? herbivores eat green plants and carnivores eat herbivores
Why are there fewer top level organisms than producers? because only 10 percent of the food energy is passed up to the next level on the food pyramid

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