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Chapter 3 Questions

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What types of things are made up of elements? Everything is made up of elements or a combination of elements.
Why is a combination of sugar and salt said to be a mixture? It is a combination of 2 substances, each of which retains its own properties when combined with the other.
What are 3 types of lipids? fats, oils and phospholipids.
What is equilibrium? when the relative number of molecules in a substance is equal in the two areas.
Why do carrots in salt water become limp? There are fewer water molecules around the carrot cells than inside the carrot cells, water leaves the carrot and moves into the salt solution.
Why do salty foods make you more thirsty? The salt present in the food causes water to leave your cells; the lost water needs to be replaced by the body.
What must happen to food molecules for respiration to take place? they must be broken down into simpler substances and their stored energy released.
Where in a cell does fermentation take place? cytoplasm.
What are 4 organic compounds? carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids

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