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Physical Properties

Question Answer
A change that alters the physical properties of an object Physical Change
A physical property that is identified with your eyes made up of various pigments Color
A chemical change in which the pigment of another substance is altered Color Change
An example of a solid changing into a liquid Ice cream melting
Review: Thompson's Atom model was called Plum Pudding
The temperature at which liquid boils Boiling Point
The temperature at which solids melt Melting Point
When two solutions combined make a solid substance Formation of Precipate
Chemical change when solids or liquid substances combined create gas bubbles Formation of gas
A physical change when a substance's size or shape changes Change in Size or Shape
Change that results in a new substance Chemical Change
A property that describes the relationship between an object's mass and volume Density
A chemical change that results in something becoming colder or hotter Temperature Change
Made a model of an atom where the electrons orbit the nucleus Bohr

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