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Genetics & DNA

Question Answer
Genetics The study of heredity
Trait Characteristic
Inherited Trait Trait that is passed from parents to offspring & inherited traits are controlled by genes
Heredity Passing of traits from parents to offspring
Chromosome Cell parts that determine what traits a living thing will have . organisms receive chromosomes from their parents
DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid . large molecule contained in chromosomes
Genes Parts of a chromosome that control inherited traits
Dominant Gene Gene whose trait always shows itself
Recessive Gene Gene of a trait that is hidden when the dominant gene is present
gene of a trait that is hidden when the dominant gene is present Having two like genes for the same trait
Heterozygous Having two unlike genes for the same trait
Punnett Square A chart that shows possible gene combinations
Incomplete Dominance The alleles of both parents are blended
Codominance Both alleles of a gene are shown
Gene Splicing Moving a DNA section from genes of one organism to genes of another organism
Inbreeding Mating closely related organisms
Genetic Engineering Methods used by scientists to produce new forms of DNA
Hybridization Crossing two different kinds of organisms
Controlled Breeding Crossing organisms to produce offspring with desirable traits
Mutation A change in a gene
Gamete A reproductive cell

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