Flash Cards

Grade 5 Life Science- Energy and Ecosystems

Question Answer
What is the process by which plants make food, using energy from sunlight? photosynthesis
What is a green pigment that allows a plant to absorb the sun’s energy? chlorophyll
What is an organism that makes its own food? producer
What is an animal that eats plants or other animals? consumer
What is the best source of energy for producers? sun
Enables a plant to use the sun’s energy to make food. chlorophyll
During transpiration, this item from a plant is lost through its leaves. water
What is a community of organisms and the environment in which they live? ecosystem
What is an animal that eats only producers? herbivore
What is an animal that eats other animals and is also called a 2nd level consumer? carnivore
What is the transfer of energy between organisms in an ecosystem? food chain
What is an organism that breaks down the remains of dead plants and animals? decomposer
What is a diagram that shows how much food energy is passed to each level in a food chain? energy pyramid
What type of organism is always at the top or last on the food chain? decomposer
Does the number of organisms decrease or increase as you move up the energy pyramid? decrease
If an animal eats a plant or another animal how much of the energy will be passed on? about 10%
Put these organisms into the proper food chain order: Grasshopper, Owl, Snake, Grass grass, grasshopper, snake, owl
What might happen if one level of the energy pyramid decreased? the energy level of the next would decrease as well

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