Flash Cards

Basics of Scientific Method, Graphs and Variables

Question Answer
What is the scientific method? A process scientists use during experiments, investigations and research
What are the steps of the scientific method? Question, research, hypothesis, experiment, analysis and conclusion
What is a testable hypothesis? One that can be proved true or false and is controlled and repeatable
What is an independent variable? What is being tested, that can be manipulated by the scientist
What is the dependent variable? What is being measured and observed by the scientist
What is a constant? Any part of the experiment that must remain the same for the experiment to be fair and valid
What is a line graph used for? To show change over time
What is the circle or pie graph used for? To show parts of a whole/percentages
What is bar graph used for? To compare data
What is the data table? Shows the data gathered in the experiment used to make the graph, and is titled and labeled with the variables
What does DRY stand for? Dependent (data), Responding, Y-axis
What does MIX stand for? Manipulated, Independent (tested!), X-axis
What is quantitative data? Numbers and numeric values
What is qualitative data? Descriptive (non-numeric) descriptors

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