Flash Cards

7th grade: Atmosphere and Space

Question Answer
how many layers are there in the atmosphere? five
which layer is nearest to the Earth where the weather occurs? troposphere
in which layer do jets fly the most? stratosphere
which layer protects the earth from ultraviolet radiation from the sun? ozone
which layer is the coldest layer of the atmosphere and where meteors burn up? mesosphere
which layer is the hottest layer of the atmosphere? thermosphere
which layer is the outermost layer of the atmosphere? exosphere
which gas is most abundant in the Earth's atmosphere? nitrogen
what causes wind? uneven heating and cooling air; heat rises and cool air sinks
what is a convection current? the up and down air motion
what is an orbit? a curved path that an object takes around a larger object
What orbits the Earth? the moon, space craft and satellites
what is gravity? the force of attraction between two objects
what is velocity? speed in a given direction
what is centripetal force? force that makes an object move in a circular pattern
what is orbital velocity? the speed and direction that an object must maintain to stay in orbit
what two properties change with altitude? air pressure and air temperature

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