Flash Cards

Review of the Digestive process

Question Answer
What does saliva do in the mouth? enzymes in saliva break down carbohydrates
What are carbohydrates? large starches that are broken down easily
What is an example of a monosaccharide? glucose
What is a polysaccharide? complex sugar
What is peristalsis? wave like muscle contractions that help move food to the stomach
Where do enzymes and acids break down food? stomach
How does bile help in the small intestine? emulsifies fats
Where do water and minerals get reabsorbed into the body large intestines
What are lipids? steroids, waxes and fats
What are organic molecules? compounds produced by living things
What are inorganic molecules? molecules in the environmnent not produced by living things: water, salts, minerals
What are elements? the simplest form of matter; 100 known substances in the periodic table
What are compounds? substance formed by two or more different elements
What is a chemical formula? symbols for elements and numbers of elements in a compound or molecule
What is the law of conservation of energy? the law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed

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