Flash Cards

WES matter & cells

Question Answer
The building blocks of life cells
The cell's "power plant" mitochondria
The "brain" or control center of the cell nucleus
The thin outer covering of the cell cell membrane
The part of the plant cell where photosynthesis takes place chloroplast
What are two things that a plant cell has that an animal cell does not cell wall and chloroplast
What are the most primitive, single-celled organisms called? bacteria
Who came up with the word cells by looking at cork under a microscope? Robert Hooke
What is the jelly-like substance inside the cell? Cytoplasm
What gives support and protection to the plant cell? Cell wall
What do you call the thin outer covering of a cell that allows certain materials in and out of the cell cell membrane
What do you call the part of the plant cell where photosynthesis occurs? chloroplast
What is the green pigment in plants called? chlorophyll
What is the process by which plants make food using sunlight? photosynthesis
What is the cells storage center called? vacuole
What is the cells control center (brain) called? Nucleus
What do you call the small structures inside a cell like the nucleus, vacuole, and mitochondria organelles
What do you call single-celled organisms that live in pond water? protists
What shape are most plant cells? rectangular
What are the thread-like structures inside the nucleus that contain DNA chromosomes
What type of cells do not have a nucleus bacteria

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