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The Human Body-Unit 7

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What is the Respiratory System? -a collection of organs that work together to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide
What is respiration? -the process in which the body takes in oxygen, and releases carbon dioxide
What are the two parts of respiration? -breathing
-cellular respiration
What is breathing? -inhaling and exhaling
What is cellular respiration? -the chemical reaction that uses oxygen to create energy
Breathing and respiration are not the same thing. Explain. -only organisms with lungs breathe; All organisms use cellular respiration
In order, list the structures of the Respiratory System. -nose/mouth
-larynx/voice box
-lungs (bronchioles, alveoli)
Explain the parts of the Respiratory System.
larynx/voice box
-nose/mouth:passageway into & out of the respiratory system- Inhaling air/ exhaling CO2
-pharynx/throat:passageway behind the nose that air, food, and drink travel
-larynx/voice box: vocal cords; air travels through and makes the vocal cords vibrate to
Explain the parts of the Respiratory System.
-trachea/windpipe: the passageway for air to go from the larynx to the lungs
-bronchi: passageways from the trachea to the lungs; splits into 2
Explain the parts of the Respiratory System.
(bronchioles and alveoli)
-lungs: 2 large, sponge-like sacs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged (bronchioles-the bronchi branch into thousands of tiny tubes in the lungs and alveoli-bronchioles branch into thousands of tiny sacs; capillaries surround alveoli to allow for
How do we breathe? -lungs and diaphragm
Describe what lungs do. -air goes in and out of the lungs, but lungs do not have muscles to push air in and out
Describe the diaphragm and what it does. -it is a dome-shaped muscle below the lungs that helps you breathe
-down (contracts) it increases the volume of the chest cavity and air goes in; breathe in
-up (relaxes) it decreases the volume of the chest cavity and air is forced out; breathe out
Name some respiratory disorders. -emphysema
-cystic fibrosis

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