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Unit 10- Ecology Final Unit

Question Answer
What is Ecology? the study of interactions between organisms and their environment
What are Biotic Factors? all of the organisms that live together and interact with one another
What are examples of Biotic Factors? birds, trees, mosses, bacteria, etc.
What are Abiotic Factors? all of the physical factors (nonliving) that affect the organisms living in a particular area
What are examples of Abiotic Factors? water, soil, light, temperature
What do all living things need? ENERGY
How do producers obtain energy? they are organisms that use sunlight for energy
What are examples of producers? plants, algae, grasses, euglena
How do consumers obtain energy? they are organisms that eat producers or other consumers for energy
What is an Herbivore? they eat only plants
What are examples of an Herbivore? cows and sheep
What is a Carnivore? they eat only animals
What are examples of a Carnivore? bobcats and wolves
What is an Omnivore? they eat both plants and animals
What are examples of an Omnivore? humans and bears
What is a Scavenger? they feed on the bodies of dead organisms
What are examples of a Scavenger? vultures and many large carnivores
What are Decomposers? they are organisms that get energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms first
What are examples of Decomposers? bacteria and fungi
What do Food Chains and Food Webs represent? they represent how energy in food molecules flow from one organism to another
What rarely occurs in nature? simple food chains
Which are the more accurate representation of actual energy flow- Food Chain or Food Web? food web
Explain how a Food Web works? -an arrow represents the direction of energy
-one organism "gives energy" to the next
-one organism is "food" for the next
What do organisms compete for? the same resources
Give an example of what kind of competition occurs within a population. elk want the same food
Give an example of what kind of competition occurs between populations. different species of trees compete for sunlight and space
What is a predator? an organism that eats another organism
What are prey? an organism that is eaten
What is Symbiosis? close, long-term association between two or more species
What is Mutualism? both organisms benefit (bacteria in your stomach)
What is Commensalism? one organism benefits while the other is unaffected
What is Parasitism? one organism benefits while the other is harmed (malaria)
What are 3 types of Symbiosis? 1)Mutualism
How do food chains link together to form food webs? -Food Chains show how energy is passed through an ecosystem from producers to decomposers
-Food Webs show how all food chains are connected

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