Term Definition
Tonsils small organs on both sides of your throat
Spleen stores blood for use in emergency, makes white blood cells
Thymus make white blood cells
Bone Marrow make white blood cells
Lymphatic System helps body maintain fluid homeostasis
Lymph Vessels vessels that allow fluids to travel through your body
Lymph Nodes protect the body by removing toxins and wastes
Lymphocyte a white blood cell that protects the body by going through the circulatory system fighting against infections, detect virus
Immunity resistance to pathogens,
Skeletal System makes immune cells
Pathogen disease causing agents
Immune Cells detect viruses and make antibodies
Antibodies recognize proteins on the harmful agents and helps the body fight it
White Blood Cells defend the body
Water about 65 percent of your body is made up of this
Swelling enlargement of a part of the body
Swallow cause or allow something to pass down the throat
Organs a part of the human that has a specific function
Fluid a liquid that flows easily
Transporting take or carry to another place
Absorb to take in

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