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1. What is the difference between mechanical and chemical weathering? 10-1 Mechanical weathering doesn't have any reactions and chemical reacation
2. Describe the weathering processes of each chemical weathering agent. Water is a chemical agent because it can dissolve rocks and other stuff.
3. Describe the weathering processes of each mechanical weathering agent. Mechanical agent is wind because it can blow things around.
What is the most important and most common 4.agent of chemical weathering? Why do you think? 10-1 The most common chemical chemical weathering is water because it caan dissolve rocks.
5. What is the difference between weathering, abrasion, erosion, and deposition? 10-1 Abrasion is when you grind rocks, erosion is when you chip rocks off, depostion is when sediments land.
6. What are the two most important factors in determining the rate of weathering? 10-2 The two most important factors of rate of weathering is wind and water.
7. How do hotter temperatures and wet climates affect the rate of weathering? Hotter tempature is are more humas than other places.
8. What are the horizons of a soil profile? What letter represents each horizon? What is found in each horizon? 10-3 Each horizon layer has something special
9. What layer of soil would you find the most humus?

Soil horizon A
10. Which horizon does soil formation begin

11. List some examples of decomposers and explain why they are important for soil? 10-3 Worms are decoposters because they dig through the earth.
12. Which soil horizon layer forms last? topsoil
13. What is humus? Decomposed Plants and animals
14. What is soil? Soil is something you use to grow crops.
15. Which horizon is called the parent material? Bedrock/horizon R
16. What does it mean if soil is fertile? It's good enough to plant crops
17. Compare the particle sizes of sand, clay, and silt Sand has course grain, clay is fine grain,and silt is no grain
18. Why is it good to have permeable soil or rocks? So it will be fertailzed
19. Define soil conservation When you save soil and don't use much of it
20. What are the 5 soil conservation techniques? Describe how each is used to conserve soil. Basic info.
The five are Terrace farming none plowing.

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