Flash Cards

Solar System Science

Term Definition
Sun the star at the center of our solar system
Rotate to spin on a axis
Axis an imaginary line that passes through earth's center and its North and South poles
Revolve to travel in a closed path around another object
Orbit the path one body takes in space as it revolves around another object
Equator imaginary line around the earth equally distance from the north and south poles
Moon any natural body that orbits a planet
Crater a low bowl-shaped area on the surface of a planet or a moon
Moon Phase one of the shapes the moon takes when it orbits the earth
Eclipse a event that occurs in space when a object passes over another object
refraction the bending of light in space
star a very hot ball of gases
Solar System a star and all the planets and other objects that revolve around it
constellation a pattern of stars
planet a body that revolves around a star

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