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Term Definition
Matter anything that has mass and takes up space
chemistry the study of properties of matter and how it changes
physical properties color
chemical properties flammable
element a substance made of only one type of atom
atom all matter is made of
compound 2 or more elements chemically combined
molecule a neutral group of two or more atoms
chemical formula symbols used to show elements
weight the amount of gravity acting on an object
mass how much matter in an object
volume how much space an object takes up
density how much is packed in an object.
mass divided by volume
physical change changes form of appearance
chemical change changes into a different substance
law of conservation of mass states that matter is not created or destroyed during a physical or chemical change
thermal energy total of kinetic and potential energy of all the particles in an object
exothermal change change in which energy is realized
endothermic change a change in which energy is absorbed
heterogenous mixture mixture where you can see all the different parts
homogenous mixture mixture where you can't see all the different parts
what is the difference between mass and weight mass=stuff inside an object
weight=the amount of gravitational force acting on an object
what is matter made of atoms
how can you find density mass/volume
what are the two types of mixtures heterogenous and homogeneous
how can we describe matter using physical properties and chemical properties
what happens to a substance in a physical and chemical change physical- changes form
chemical- changes substance

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