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Life Science Chapter 6 Study Guide

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The sum of chromosomes normally found in the cells of an organism Chromosomes number
A diagram used to visualize genetic crosses Punnett square
the condition in which dominate and recessive genes for a single characteristic are expressed codominance
the only sex hormone found in human females X chromosomes
the only sex hormone found in human males but not females Y Chromosomes
Two or more genes producing a single trait multiple gene inheritance
A picture generated by ultrasound. Sonogram
a characteristic that has a gene on the X chromosomes but no corresponding one on the Y chromosomes sex-linked trait
a person who has a gene for a particular trait but does not exhibit the trait himself Carrier
an abnormal trait passed on through the genes inherited disorder
A test to see how genetics is inherited A cross
In an organism if both factor for a particular trait are different it is Hybrid
according to Mendel how many factors are their for an inherited trait? two
After Mendel published his theories they were ignored for how many years? thirty five
If a TT plant is crossed with a tt plant what will the offspring be? all Tt
How does an ultrasound work analyzing high-frequency sound waves sent through the mothers body.
The genes for sex-linked characteristics are usually carried on the X Chromosomes
What is the normal chromosomes for humans? 46
A cross between a red and white snapdragon produces a pink snapdragon this is an example of incomplete Dominance
The way a plant or animal look its physical characteristic is called Phenotype
Red-green colored blindness is a sex-linked trait
Mendel job was a Catholic Monk
Human genetics does or does not follow the same genetic rules as inheritance in other organisms Does
The chromosome number does not relate to its size
The number of cells found in a chromosome Chromosome number
Skin color, height, and intelligence are not controlled by single gene inheritance

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