Flash Cards

Earth Space Science-The Planets

Question Answer
Which planet is 1.00 au from the sun? Earth
Which Motion is an optical illusion? Superior planet retrograde motion
Which of the following term does not belong with the others: inferior, superior, phases, or transits. Superior
Which of the following is not a characteristic of known planets? Has an elliptical orbit, revise around the sun, rotate on axis, has one or more moons has one or more moons
The fastest revolving planet is? Mercury
Which planet is nearest the earth as point of closest approach? Venus
Which planet is a for its great red Spot? Jupiter
Saturn's moon Titan is unique because? It has its own atmosphere
Scientist your eyes at some planets radiate more energy and they received from the sun because? They are heating up as they collapse.
The planet having the most eccentric orbit is? Pluto
Shape of a planet orbit? Ellipse
Farthest point from the sun and planets orbit? Aphelion
A planets reflectivity? Albedo
The downward pull of an object resting on the planet? Surface gravity
Apparently reversal in the direction of the planets motion compared to the stars? Retrograde motion
To pass in front of the sun as viewed from the earth? Transit
Also known as gas giants? Jovian planets
Jupiter's for largest moons? Galilean moons
The program for identifying radio transmissions from intelligent alien races? SETI
Who developed the three laws of planetary motion? Johannes Kepler
Three factors that determine a planets apparent magnitude are? Distance, albedo, and size
Planets that are farther from the sun then the earth is called? Superior Planets
Planet that are like the earth in size and density called? Terrestrial planets
The Jovian planets lack? Free of oxygen and water
What planet is called the red planet? Mars
The largest planet in our solar system is? Jupiter
Space probes have shown that Saturn has thousands what? Rings
The discovery of what planet in 1864 was confirmation slob got to take it because it was discovered that someone to be for the calculator position? Neptune
What is the smallest of the planet; it's only about 2294 KM in diameter? Pluto
List the nine planet in order of increasing distance from the sun? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
Why did the Greeks use the word planets to describe the unusual stars in the sky? They call them planets or wanders because they wandered among the fixed stars.
List theses three planet Earth, Jupiter and Saturn in order corresponding to their planetary MASSES starting from smallest to largest. Earth, Saturn, Jupiter
List theses three planet Earth, Jupiter and Saturn in order corresponding to their planetary DENSITIES starting from smallest to largest. Saturn, Jupiter and Earth
Why can't we see Venus is full phase? Venus full phase is not visible because at the point in its orbit it's on the opposite side of the sun from the earth.
Why is Pluto not always the most distant planet in our solar system? For a portion of its eccentric orbit, Plutos perihelion is closer to the sun the Neptune's
What observations are not accounted for in the solar system formation by condensation from a single planetary nebula? The condensation theory doesn't account for the orbits of many moons and the spins of some planets are not all in the same direction. Also, the composition of various plants is not consistent with the condensation from the same nebular cloud.
How do planets appear when viewed through a telescope? . As a disk
The earth is what planet from the sun? Third
A person would like weigh more or less on the planet Jupiter then on earth? More
Do all planets have the same composition? No
Interior plants our farther or closer to the sun and the earth? Closer
The earth revolves more rapidly or less rapidly than the superior planets? More
When a planet blocks the light from a star is that retrograde motion? No
The only planet been observed by probes is Venus? No
What are the two moons of Mars? Phobos and Deimos
Venus has sometimes been mistaken as what? UFO
What is the new Jupiter that has active volcanoes? Io
Who have no way of adequately explain the origin of planets or their absurd features? Evolutionist

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