Flash Cards

Environmental Science Chapter 3 Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

Term Definition
momentum a property an object has because of its mass and velocity
Newton's 1st Law law saying an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force
m/s/s unit of acceleration
net force a force that always changes the velocity of an object
balanced forces type of forces that are equal in size, but opposite in direction
force a push or pull on an object
Newton unit of force
mass the amount of matter in something
inertia the tendency of an object to resist motion
time interval the amount of time that has passed
acceleration the rate of change of velocity
velocity the speed and direction of an object
positive acceleration term for an object speeding up
negative acceleration term for object an object slowing down
reference point shows that an object is moving
friction the force that opposes motion
Newton's 3rd Law the law stating that for every force there is an equal and opposite force
motion change in positon
instantaneous speed the rate of motion at any given instant
Newton's 2nd Law law stating that motion times acceleration equals force F=ma
constant speed a speed that does not vary (change)

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