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Science Order And Reality-Chapter 3- A Beka Book- Malia Faith Nelson

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Thymus Located behind your breastbone and in between your lungs. This allows lymphocytes, which are manufactured in the center of some of your bones, to grow and mature.
Integumentary system Consists of the skin, hair, and nails and covers and protects your body.
Epidermis The top layer of skin
Melanin The more of this brown pigment you have determines whether you have light or dark skin
Dermis The second layer of skin
Subcutaneous layer Layer of cells just below the dermis
Adipose Fat
Skeletal system It supports your body and gives it shape, it protects vital structure, and it provides attachments for many of your body's muscles
Marrow Soft, fatty tissue in the porous center of a long bone
What are the four general categories of bones? Long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones
Long bones Includes the humerus, your femur, and your phalanges; these bones are longer then they are wide and have enlarged ends
Humerus In your upper arm
Femur In your thigh
Phalanges Finger and toe bones
Short bones Roughly cube shaped; most of your body's short bones are in your wrists and ankles
Flat bones Bones such as your ribs; Most protect vital organs
Irregular bones Any bones that are not short, flat, or long bones
Vertebrae Example of irregular bone

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