Flash Cards

the properties of cells and the parts inside an animal and plant cell.

1. Cell Membrane
2. Cytoplasm
3. Ribosomes
4. Golgi Apperatus
5. Endoplasmic Reticulm
6. Mitochondria
7. Nucleus
8. Vacuoles
9. Lysosomes
Cell Membrane -flexible cover
Cytoplasm -like jelly
-surrounds the organelles
Ribosomes -tiny
-makes protein
Golgi Apperatus -combines protein
Endoplasmic Reticulm -makes protein
Mitochondria -breaks down food to release energy
-"power plant"
Nucleus -contains genetic material(DNA)
-contains activity of the cell
Vacuoles -sac-like
-stores and trampiest food and waste
Lysosomes -breaks down food and waste

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