Flash Cards

Cancer and drugs- Chapter 4; A Healthy Life- Effie Subardoe- A Beka Book

Question Answer
Cancer Can attack any part of the body; occurs when some of the body cells begin to divide and grow abnormally fast and take over nutrients other cells need
Malignant tumor A lump of cancerous tissue
Metastasis the process of malignant tumors spreading to other parts of the body
Chemotheapy A treatment using chemicals and drugs to destroy cancerous cells
Drug A substance (other than food or water) taken into the body that causes changes to the body
OTC drugs Over the counter drugs; can be purchased without a prescription
Misused drugs A drug used without following the prescribed directions
Abused drugs Drugs intentionally used for non-medical purposes
Drug tolerance Occurs when a drug users body becomes accustomed to the drug and requireds increased doses to produce the same effect
Drug dependence In which a drug users body or mind requires the drug to function correctly
Withdrawal A painful and sometimes deadly sickness that occurs wen a dependence-causing drug is no longer taken
Narcotics Drugs derived form the opium poppy plant
High A feeling of well-being after taking drugs

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