Flash Cards

Malia Faith Nelson-A Beka Book- Chapter 3- Science Order and Reality

Question Answer
What are four basic types of tissues in your body? Epithelial, muscle, connective, nerves
Epithelial tissue Fit tightly together to form protective barriers
Muscle tissue Provides motion
Skeletal muscle tissue All muscles that you voluntarily control are composed of this
Smooth muscle tissue Controls the diameter of your blood vessels, propels food alone your digestive tract, and adjusts the size of your eyes
Cardiac muscle tissue Striated like skeletal muscle tissue and is found only in your heart
Connective tissue Main function is to link body parts together
Nerve tissue The body uses this to conduct impulses to and from all the parts of the body
Conception (aka fertilization) The union between the egg and the sperm cell
Your life started at _________. Conception
Uterus Womb
Placentra Kept you attached to the wall of the uterus ad allowed exchanges between your blood and your mother's blood
Umbilical cord Connected your developing body to the placenta and uterus
Umbilicus (or navel) The place where the umbilical cord had attached to you

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