Flash Cards

Leaf Parts and Transpiration

Question Answer
Waxy layer above upper epidermis, prevents water loss cuticle
an opening between two guard cells, formed when guard cells swell and bend stoma
multiple openings (plural for stoma) stomata
a pair of sausage/oval shaped cells on lower surface of most leaves that control formation of stomata by swelling with extra water guard cells
water loss out the stomata on a leaf transpiration
What is chlorophyll? green pigment that colors plant and captures energy from sunlight
glucose food produced by photosynthesis
What is the path of water through a plant? roots–> xylem in the stem –> petiole of blade –> blade of leaf –> stoma
what enters the leaf through the stomata? Carbon dioxide-this is needed for photosynthesis
What is needed for photosynthesis and structural support (holds up leaves)? water

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