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liver Produces digestive juice called bile.
tongue moves food around
salivary glands secrete juices into the mouth
stomach stores food while enzymes break down food for further digestion
pancreas produces pancreatic juices to further break down food in digestion
small intestine nutrients to the body is absorbed and moved into the bloodstream here the process of digestion is completed
anus the skin opening at expels waste from the body
rectum lowest part of the large intestine solid waste is held until released from the body
appendix an organ that no longer has a function in your body
duodenum first 10 and 12 inches of the small intestine
gallbladder stores bile until needed for digestion
esophagus a passageway for food between mouth and stomach
Large intestine Absorbs water leaving more solid materiel which the body can not use. Indigestible materials stored for approximately 24 to 30 hours before leaving the body

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