Term Definition
heredity the passing of traits from parent to offspring
trait a characteristic that an organism can pass onto its offspring
genetics the study of heredity
fertilization the joining of the sperm and egg
purebred the offspring of many generations that have the same trait
genes the set of information that includes a trait
alleles the letters that represent a trait
dominant allele a trait that always shows up in an organism when present
recessive allele a trait that is masked by the dominant allele
hybrid a organism that has two different alleles for a trait
probability the chance of happening
Punnett Square a chart that shows the possible combinations of a trait
phenotype the physical appearance of a trait
genotype the genetic make-up of a trait
homozygous Purebred, same alleles
heterozygous hybrid, different alleles
codominance neither of two alleles of gene is dominant or recessive.
meiosis the process that occurs in the formation of sex cells
messenger RNA
Transfer RNA
multiple alleles
sex chromosomes
sex-linked genes
genetic disorder
selective breeding
genetic engineering
gene therapy
Gregor Mendel

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