Flash Cards

Metric system practice

Vocabulary word Definition
Meniscus The bottom of the curve in a graduated cylinder
Triple Beam Balance Piece of equipment used to measure mass and weight
Celcius unit used to measure temperature.
Kilo- Prefix meaning 1000
Cenit- Prefix meaning .01 or 1/100
milli- Prefix meaning .001 or 1/1000
Gram Unit used to measure mass
Liter Unit used to measure volume
Meter Unit used to measure length
Graduated Cylinder Used to measure volume (mL)
Mass How much matter (stuff) an object is made of
Volume How much space an object takes up OR how much a container can hold.
Denisty How closely the particles are packed together
Formula for density Mass/volume (mass divided by volume)
1cm = ____ mm 10mm
Metric System System of measurement based on the number 10
Weight A measure of the pull of gravity

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