Question Answer
has its own unique geography and climate in its habitat biome
further away we get from the equator average temperature decreases latitude
distance above sea level altitude
gets more of the precipitation and is closer to the ocean windward side
gets less of the precipitation; dry aired climate leeward side
a combination of precipitation and temperature for any given biome climatograph
greatest amount of rainfall, consistently warm, dense with life tropical rain forest
majority of the fruit, leaves, and flowers of the trees. Most animal life is found here emergent layer/canopy
receives about 5% of sunlight, contains shrubs, seedlings, and some animals Understory
darkest layer, home to decomposers Forest Floor
high altitudes, winters reach below freezing temperate deciduous forest
well adapted to long, cold, dry winters boreal forest
occurs when a new ecosystem develops where there was none before primary succession
occurs following disruption of an existing ecosystem secondary succession

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