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Ontogeny -The development of behavior after Conception
(Innate or learned)
Immediate Causation -What is the immediate environment and how it influences behavior
Precocial -Born in advanced state
Altricial -Born in Undeveloped State
Critical Periods in Puppies Life (5) 1) Neonatal -0-2 weeks
2) Transition Period -2-3 weeks
3) Socialization Period 4-14 weeks
4) Juvenile Period to puberty-14 weeks
5) Social Development period to adulthood
18-24 months
Puppy School 4 weeks
Cats Critical Period 1) Socialization at 2-7 weeks
Socialization for cats 2-7 weeks
Neonatal in Dogs 0-2 weeks
Transition Period (Dogs) 2-3 weeks
Socialization Period (Dogs) 4-14 weeks
Juvenile Period (Dogs) 14 weeks
Social Development to Puberty (Dogs) 18-28 months
Individual Distance =Bubble of space around individual
Social Distance =Distance away from herd before returning
Flight Distance =Distance at which animal moves away from predator
Territory =Area of defense
Home range =Area that is utilized and shared
Dominance =2 animals competing for resources
Hierarchy =Individuals at different positions within pack
Habituation =Getting used to something which is not damaging-Noise, People (Low Levels)
Imprinting =Early Life between species
Insight Learning =Seeing and doing
Imitation =Animals learn by watching others engage in activities
Classical Conditioning =No Prior learning
-Involuntary response
-Salivating when her a whistle for dinner
Domestication =Population through selection become accustomed to human control
Taming =Process whereby an animal is trained or adapted to live in Human environment
Desensitization =Present Noise at low level
Operant Conditioning =Likelihood of behavior being repeated is influenced by what happens immediately after it occurs
Neonatal 0-2 weeks
+ Punishment -Introd Neg Experience (SHOUT)
+ Reinforcement -Adding treat
– Punishment -Remove something good When undesired behavior occurs
-Reinforcement -Remove Unpleasant when desired behavior occurs
Desensitization -Present fear at small level
Counter Conditioning -Desensitize while something nice-food
Neoteny Juvenile Features in Adult animal
Precociousness -Mature at young age
-Defend for its self
Raw to Ewe Ratio 1:100
Bull to Cow Ratio 1:40

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