Flash Cards

Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Term Definition
flagella whip-like tails used by bacteria to move/swim
aerobe any organism that uses oxygen for respiration
anaerobe any organism that is able to live without oxygen
fission simple form of asexual reproduction performed by bacteria
endospore protective structure produced by some bacteria to survive unfavorable conditions
antibiotics chemicals that can be used to kill/limit growth of bacteria
vaccine can be used to prevent some bacterial and viral diseases
pasteurization heating food to kill most of the harmful bacteria in it
toxin a poison produced by some pathogenic bacteria
saprophyte an organism that uses dead organisms for food
pathogen a disease-producing organism
nitrogen-fixing bacteria type of bacteria that converts nitrogen from the air into usable forms
diplo- a pair of bacteria
staphyl- bacteria colony in a cluster
coccus sphere/round bacterial cell
bacillus a rod-shaped bacterial cell
spirillum a spiral-shaped bacterial cell
strepto- chains of bacteria

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