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Administering medications

administration set set for delivering iv fluids
aqueous water-based
catheter small, sterile plastic tube that fits ofver or inside an IV needle
bleb fluid-filled raised area under skin
aspiration pulling back, as in using suction to draw up blood in a syringe
drip rate infusion rate for iv fluids
enteral taken through the digestive system
enteric coated having special coating that does not allow medicaiton to dissolve until it reaches the small intestine
gauge number that indentifies the size of the inside opening, or lumen of a needle
heparin lock resealable latex lock to administer heparin directly into a vein
hydrating solutions solutions used to maintain adequate fluids in the body or to prevent dehydration
ID injection injection given just under the epidermis, or top layer of skin
hypertonic solution solutions that have a higher salt concentration than a person's body fluids, thus causing the body to lose fluids
IM injection injection given into the muscle
isotonic solution solutions that contain the same salt concentration as a person's body fluids.
mantoux test tuberculin test
meniscus concave level where air and liquid come together; the surface of liquid when placed in a colum or container
subQ injection injection given into the fatty layers of the skin beneath the dermis
nebulizer air compressor unit that forces medication into the lungs
winged infusion needles "butterfly needles" with tabs that resemble butterfly wings used to grasp during insertion
transdermal patch adhesive-backed patch that contains a premeasured dose of medication that is absorbed through the skin
prefilled cartridge container with single dose of medication for injection
what are the 3 times that a medication must be checked when administering it to a patient 1.once when removing the medication from storage 2.A second time before preparing the medication 3. when returning the medication to storage
name 2 forms that albuteral can be administered metered dose inhaler nebulizer
name 2 meds that can be given parenteral insulin heparin
What are the sites for giving ID injections forearm, upper back
what are the sites for giving IM injections deltoid, vastus laterilis
what are the sites for giving subq injections upper outer arm, thigh, abdomen
what are the parts of a luer lock syringe luer-lok tip, barrel with measured marks, flange, plunger
what population of people mostly get vastus lateralis injections infants and children
Name at least 2 things for the MA's roll in assisting with IV therapy 1)Gather a comprehensive health history to determine indications for IV therapy. 2)weigh patient before and monitor v/s during infusion to alert the doct to possible complications;do not take BP in the arm with the IV 3)monitor equipment for problems
what is the degree of an IM injection 90 degrees
what is the degree of an ID injection 15 degrees
what is the degree for a subQ injection 45 degrees
os mouth
otic ear
oz ounce
p.c. after meals
prn when necessary
q every
qam every morning
qid 4 times a day
rx to take
tx treatment or therapy
Sig write or label
Tab tablet
tid 3 times a day
ud take as directed
x times

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