Flash Cards

Scientific Method Vocabulary

Term Definition
testable question a question used to test one variable in a scientific investigation (must include the relationship between the independent and dependent variables)
hypothesis a prediction about the relationship between variable
independent variable the manipulated variable, what is changed or tested in an experiment
dependent variable the responding variable, the result of the independent variable, what is being measured
control variable the variable(s) that stay the same in an experiment
data information provided by scientific investigations, includes observations and inferences
quantitative observations observations that use numbers, amounts, or measurements
qualitative observations observations that are made using only the senses and refer to specific properties
DRY Dependent-Responding-Y Axis (when graphing data)
MIX Manipulated-Independent-X Axis (when graphing data)
valid conclusion an explanation based on observations and collected data that states the relationship between the independent and dependent variables
technology any tool or process designed to help society in some way
graph used to represent data that has been collected over a determined amount of time

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