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What is the difference between a somatic cell and a germ cell?
(What are they and how many chromosomes do they have?)
Somatic Cell: A Body Cell (can only under go mitosis) 46 Chromosomes
Germ Cell: Haploid eggs or sperm ( undergoes meiosis) 26 Chromosomes or half the amount of the chromosomes in a somatic cell.
What is the order of: Chromosomes, genes, cells, nucleus, bases, and DNA? Cell. Nucleus. Chromosomes. DNA. Genes. Bases.
What are the chemicals that make up the sides of DNA? 1. Deoxyribose (a sugar)
2. Phosphates (molecules)
What are the names of the bases that make up the "rungs" of DNA and what ones match with each? There is: Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine
T goes to A, while G goes to C.
Where are chromosome found? In the nucleus
When and why does DNA replicate? DNA replicates in interphase and it replicates because each daughter cell must have a complete set of DNA to survive and these daughter cells are made constantly.
In what phase are most cells? Interphase
What is the shape of DNA? A Double Helix

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