Flash Cards

study stack for second quiz on nervous system

Question Answer
Corpus Callosum large fiber tract connecting the two hemispheres of the brain
Hypothalamus sight in the brain of regulation of water balance and body temperature
cerebellum part of the brain responsible for regulation of posture and the coordination of skeletal muscles
medulla oblongata contains centers which regulate blood pressure and respiratory rhythms as well as coughing and sneezing
thalaumus relay center of the brain, filters out unimportant stimuli
occipital lobe responsible for sight
temporal lobe part of the brain responsible for hearing
Coma total nonresponsivness to stimulation
Alzheimer's disease progressive degeneration of the brain wih abnormal protein deposits
multiple sclerosis autoimmune disorder with extensive demyelination
CVA stoke or aneurism in the brain
Pituitary gland master gland, controls all other glands in the body
choriod plexus makes the cerebral spinal fluid

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