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Cell Parts and their actions

Organelle Action
Cytoplasm (Plant and Animal) fluid that fills the cell
Cytoskeleton (Plant and Animal) Supports the cell
Nucleus (Plant and Animal) control center/ brain
Nucleous(Plant and Animal) Region where ribosomes are made
Cell membrane (Plant and Animal) controls what enters and what leaves the cell/selectively permiable
Cell wall (Plant) support of plant cells
Lysosomes ( Plant and Animal) Digestive Area; breaks down food items or broken cell parts
Vacuole (Plant and Animal) Storage of food, water, or waste
Ribosomes (Plant and Animal) Protein making factories; protein synthesis
Centrioles (Animal) Helps cell division
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum or Rough ER (Plant and Animal) Transport System
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum or Smooth ER (Plant and Animal) Transport system and Lipid production
Golgi or Golgi Body (Plant and Animal) Packaging, sorting, and Modification of cell products
Mitochondria (Plant and Animal) Produces energy, powerhouse
Chloroplasts (Plant) Photosynthesis (the production of sugar from light energy)
Cilia (Animal) Movement of cells (small hairs)
Flagella (Animal) Movement of cells (whip-like tail)

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