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Cell parts and their functions

Term Definition
Ribosome Makes specific proteins
Endoplasmic Reticulum A series of tunnels that are connected to the nucleus and outward in the cell
Cell Membrane A skin like layer all cells have
Mitochondria This takes oxygen and glucose and breaks it down into energy
Lysosome Breaks down all wastes and old cell parts
Vacuole Storage closests of the cell
Chloroplast Where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell
Cellular Respiration The process of oxygen and glucose being broken down into energy with carbon dioxide and water as wastes
Nuclear Plasma The gel like substance in the nucleus that holds the nucleolus in place
Photosynthesis The process of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight being turned into glucose with oxygen being given off as a waste
Cell Wall The tough outer layer of a plant cell
Nucleus The control center of any eukaryotic cell
Chromosome Contain all genes
Nucleolus The center of the nucleus where ribosomes are created
Gene Contain DNA for certain traits like hair color or height
DNA DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, the blue prints for all life
Cell The smallest unit of a living thing
Golgi Apparatus The packing and shipping center of a cell
Organism Any living thing
Cytoplasm The gel like substance located inside the cells
Prokaryote A simple cell without a nucleus.
Eukaryote A complex cell with a nucleus
Protein A long chain of amino acids
Organelle A small organ, any part in a cell that helps the cell function

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