Flash Cards

Ist GP vocab words

Term Definition
brightness the amount of light
nightfall dusk, the time when night comes
sunrise the appearance of the sun in the morning; the beginning of the day
twilight the time between sunset and complete darkness
sunset the disappearance of the sun in the evening; the beginning of night
Arctic the area around the North Pole
horizon the place where earth and sky meet
daily happening every day
location place where something is
moon lit lighted by the moon
indefinitely without any end or limit
carbon A very common element; Pencil leads and coal are mostly carbon
current the movement of electricity through a wire
horseshoe a U shaped metal plate that is nailed to a horse
intense very strong; very intense
platinum a heavy silver-white precious metal
furnish to give
wizard a person who can do magic
cheaply in a way that cost little
spectacular wonderful to see
rainstorm a storm that has much rain
raindrop A drop of rain
observe to see; notice
reflect to send back
arch a curved shape
vivid bright; brilliant
visible able to be seen
moisture wetness; dampness
display a show

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