Flash Cards

Science Terms Chapter 4

Term Definition
Chromosome A threadlike structure in a cell nuclear that carries genes
DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) A Biological molecule found in the cell nuclear that carries genetic information
Gene A segment of DNA located at a specific place on a chromosome each contain information to produce proteins
Gene Mutation A change in the specific order of the A, G, C, and T bases that make up a particular gene
Gene Therapy Techniques developed to alter mutated genes in order to make them function normally
Mutagens Substances or factory that can cause mutations in DNA
Negative Mutation A mutation that harms an organism or reduces the probability that organisms with the mutation can produce offspring or survive in their environment
Neutral Mutation A mutation that does not affect the organism or does not increase or decrease the survival rate of the organism
Nucleolus A membrane free organelle that floats in the interior of the nucleas and makes ribosomes
Nucleas An organelle that controls all the activities within a cell
Positive Mutation A mutation that benefits an organism
Protein essential materials required for the cell to carry out the activities necessary for its survival

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