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Vocab for Science.

Term Definition
Work Force exerted on an object that causes it to move.
Enegy The ability to do work or cause change.
Kinetic Energy Energy that an object has due to its motion.
Potential Energy The energy an object has because of it's position; such as energy stored in a chemical bonds.
Gravitational Potential Energy Potential energy that depends on the height of an object.
Elastic Potential Energy The energy of stretched or compressed objects.
Mechanical Energy Kinetic or potential energy associated with the motion or position of an object.
Sound Energy Energy in the form of a disturbance that travels as a wave through a medium, such as air.
Nuclear Energy The potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom.
Thermal Energy The total kinetic and potential energy of all the particles of an object.
Electrical Energy The energy of electric charges.
Electromagnetic Energy The energy of light and other forms of radiation, which travels through space as waves.
Energy Transformation A change from one form of energy to another; also called an energy conservation.
Law of Conservation of Energy The rule that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
Power The rate at which one form of energy is transformed into another.
Chemical energy A form of potential energy that is stored in chemical bonds between atoms.

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