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Energy Test 10/17/14

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ability to do work or cause change energy
process of changing one form of energy to the other energy transformation
rule that energy cannot be created or destroyed law of conservation of energy
stored energy that results from the position or shape of an object potential energy
energy that an object has due to its motion kinetic energy
what 2 factors effect kinetic energy mass and velocity
which has a greater effect on kinetic energy… mass or velocity velocity
how is potential and kinetic energy different potential energy does not move and is stored and kinetic does move and is used
gravitational potential energy is related to what height and mass
elastic potential energy is related to an object being… stretched or compressed
6 steps of the scientific inquiry ask a question
form a hypothesis
design experiment
collect data
draw conclusion
form of energy associated with the position and motion of an object mechanical
total potential and kinetic energy of particles in an object thermal
potential energy stored in chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together chemical
energy of electric charges electrical
stored in the nucleus of an atom nuclear
6 types of energy electromagnetic
what type of energy is associated with running mechanical
what type of energy is associated with a volcano thermal
what type of energy is associated with grapes chemical
what type of energy is associated with lightning electrical
what type of energy is associated with the sun's WAVES electromagnetic`
what type of energy is associated with the sun nucleur
energy is what around the move in you, around you, and everywhere else
energy is what the ability to do work
you use what all the time energy
energy cannot be what created or destroyed
the total amount of energy that goes into a system must equal what the total energy out of that system
energy may do what change in form within the system but the total amount WILL NOT change
energy is found in many forms
heat, chemical energy, light, and motion are all forms of energy
all energy eithe belongs in kinetic or potential
whats the kind of kinetic energy that can be transferred between objects heat
chemical energy is an example of what kinetic energy
most powerful form of energy thermal
stored energy potential
example of chemical energy food
example of nuclear energy sun

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