Question Answer
Chromatography process that uses water to separate mixtures
Chromatogram After chromatography you see pattern of separated substances
Pigment colored chemical
Wicking How water moves throughout a fibrous material such as paper
Why do we need chromatography ? It helps to identify substance in a solution
What does paper chromatography do? It reveals the pigments in watercolor inks
What do water color pens have? they have a pigment
What are pigments? They are individual colors
What are mixtures of pigments? They are inks and dyes
Where does the word chromatography come from? It is Greek for color
What does chromatography mean ? It means color writing.
What are the patterns made from chromatography called? They are called chromatographs
Who invented the chromatography? In 1906 Mikhail Tsvet
What are the two type of chromatography used by scientist? Column chromatography and paper chromatography

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