Flash Cards

CTE advanced vocabulary for Quarter 2

Term Definition
insolent (adj.) disrespectful in speech or conduct; haughty
insipid (adj.) without flavor; dull; unexciting
irrevocable (adj.) cannot be taken back; unalterable
lament (n.) a passionate expression of grief
legion (n.) a very large number; a multitude
levity (n.) light-hearted humor
limpid (adj.) transparent; perfectly clear
machinations (n.) scheming or crafty actions intended for evil ends
mercurial (adj.) marked by rapid and unpredictable changes in mood
munificent (adj.) very generous
nuance (n.) a subtle distinction or shade of difference
ominous (adj.) threatening evil or disaster; inauspicious
ostentatious (adj.) fond of conspicuous display; pompous; pretentious
paragon (n.) a model of excellence
paramount (adj.) of supreme importance

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