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Grade 5 Life Science- Plant Growth and Reproduction

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What is the tissue that supports plants and carries water and food? vascular tissue
What is the vascular tissue that carries water and nutrients from roots to every part of a plant? xylem
What is the vascular tissue that carries food from leaves to all plant cells? phloem
What is the process in which plants make food by using water from the soil, carbon dioxide from the air, and energy from the sunlight? photosynthesis
How do nutrients move through non vascualr plants? From cell to cell
True or False: Vascular plants are much smaller than nonvascular plants. False
What is the function of a root of a plant? To absorb water and nutrients from the soil and anchor the plant to the ground.
What three things do plants need to make sugar during photosynthesis? sunlight, carbon dioxide, water
What is one large, strong root that pushes deep into the soil? taproot
What are thin and branching roots that form a mat below the surface of the ground? fibrous
Where in the plant does photosynthesis take place? leaf
What is the part of the plant that protects the leaf from damage? epidermis
What is the part of the plant that opens and closes, letting carbon dioxide in and oxygen out? stomata
What is a single reproductive cell that can grow into a new plant? spore
What is a plant that produces naked seeds? gymnosperm
What is a flowering plant that has seeds protected by fruits? angiosperm
What is the word for "to sprout"? germinate
For pollination to occur, what must happen to the pollen grains? They must get to the stigma of the flower
On which part of the flower does pollen collect? stigma
Which part of the flower develops into a fruit? ovary

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