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Cell Study Guide- Kay’s mom

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What is known as the "building blocks" or "basic unit" of all living things? cell
The 5 levels of organization in order are: _____________ (Hint: Catch Two Old Oily Snakes cells, tissue, organ, organ system.
A group of cells working together to perform a specific function_________ tissue
A group of tissues working together to carry out a certain function____________ organ
Organs working together to perform a function_______ organ system
Which type of microorganism causes strep throat? bacteria
Microorganisms that include algae and protozoans? protists
Kind of microorganisms shaped like rods, spirals, or balls- bacteria
During any passive transport, particles move without using _____ energy
__________ is a special type of diffusion that particles llows water to pass across a membrane osmosis
During _________, substances move from regions of low concentration to areas of high concentration using a carrier and energy active transport
Which type of microorganism in your stomach helps you digest food? bacteria
Colds, flu, and chicken pox are caused by_____ virus
Most materials move in and out of the cell to an area of high concentration to low concentration diffusion

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