Flash Cards

skelatal, muscular, digestive/parts of, care for

Question Answer
What are the main parts and functions of our skeleton systems? bones and joints
skull, rib cage,
create support
What are the two kinds of joints? ball & socket – shoulder, hips
hinge – knees or elbows
How does our muscular system help us move? they attach to our bones and pull on them to make them move
What does it mean that muscles work in pairs? when one pulls the other relaxes
arm, leg
How can we care for our skeletal and muscular systems? (5) milk-calcium-for bones
meat for muscles and lots of water
good posture
exercise to use oxygen better
when you injure them let them heal
Why is our digestive system important to us? because our body needs to grow and work properly
Mouth/saliva-gullet/throat-stomach/digestive juices-small intestine/juices & blood carries it away large intestine-anything left over/waste
How can we care for our digestive system? -eat plenty of fruit & vegetables and drink water
-chew food properly
-clean & safe good hygiene
-store food properly in refridgerator

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