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unit3 lesson 3 vocab

Term Definition
Nuclear fusion a nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy.
Sunspot a spot or patch appearing from time to time on the sun's surface, appearing dark by contrast with its surroundings.
Solar flares a brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun's surface, associated with sunspots and causing electromagnetic disturbances on the earth, as with radio frequency communications and power line transmissions.
Prominence a stream of incandescent gas projecting above the sun's chromosphere.
Corona the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars. The sun's corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.
Chromosphere a reddish gaseous layer immediately above the photosphere of the sun or another star. Together with the corona, it constitutes the star's outer atmosphere.
Photo sphere the luminous envelope of a star from which its light and heat radiate.
Convection zone The convection zone of a star is the range of radii in which energy is transported primarily by convection. In the radiation zone, energy is transported by radiation.
Radiative zone The transfer of energy in a zone.
Core the central part of earth below the mantle.
Radiation the transfer of energy as electromagnet waves.
Convection the movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less then the movement of matter due to differences in density that are caused by the temperature variations.

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