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Classifying plants and animals

Question Answer
What is the smallest unit of a living thing that can peform all life processes? A cell
Scientist use microscopes to study the small what? The details of a cell
Plant and animal cells are similar because all cells have what? a.nucleus b.cell membrane c.cytoplasm
A what is the control center for the cell's activities? a nucleus
Cells that look similar can have what? Diffrent jobs
what kingdom lives on land and absorbs its food from other living or nonliving things? fungi
what is the 2nd part of an organnisim's scientific name? species
the animal kingdom is made up of what? 1 kingdom 2 phylum 3 class 4 order 5 family 6 genus 7 species
the liver wort is a what? a nonvascular plant
what reproduces by making seeds but do not have flowers? pine trees
scientist classify an animal a vertebate because it has what? a backbone
an example of an arthropod is what? a sponge
compare and contrast the life cycle of a burmese python and a garden snail. the python and the garden snail both mate and lay eggs.When the eggs hatch the young are on their own.The garden snail leaves after laying the eggs and the python waits until the eggs hatch.
an example of an animal is what? brown fur
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